Fluvoxamine decreased hospitalization for COVID positive people

Linda Brent, PhD

Executive Director, Parsemus Foundation

Doctor handing pills to a patient

A new scientific publication reported that the drug fluvoxamine reduced hospitalization for high-risk COVID-positive adults. Fluvoxamine is an inexpensive medication commonly used to treat depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Results from the Together Trial – a randomized clinical study in Brazil – tested several treatments for COVID-19. The evaluation of fluvoxamine for COVID treatment was promising. Almost 1500 nonvaccinated people with COVID-19 participated, half receiving fluvoxamine and half receiving a placebo. Taking fluvoxamine was related to a 32% decrease in time in the emergency room or hospitalization (16% placebo group; 11% fluvoxamine group). For individuals who took most of their doses of fluvoxamine, mortality was reduced 91% (12 in placebo group; 1 in fluvoxamine group). The results of this study may influence COVID-19 treatment guidelines.

Additional trials of fluvoxamine for COVID treatment are underway: COVID-OUT and Activ 6. If you are recently diagnosed with COVID, consider participating in a clinical trial. This Clinical Trial Finder can help you determine which study is right for you.

Free full text of the publication on fluvoxamine

Media: Washington Post, Science News, Wall Street Journal, CNN

For an in-depth discussion of the possible impact of fluvoxemine on COVID-19: Scientific American

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