Calcium chloride

Pennsylvania veterinarian added to ovary sparing spay list

Dr. Jennifer Rouse of Homestead Vet in Havertown, PA offers alternatives to traditional spay and neuter, including ovary sparing spay and vasectomy. Our growing list of veterinarians offering ovary sparing spay procedures can hardly keep up with the demand! If you know a veterinarian who offers this service, ask them to contact us at info… Read more

First U.S. use of calcium chloride provides dose for larger dogs

Calcium chloride is being used to non-surgically sterilize dogs and cats in a number of countries. Recently, veterinarians using CaCl2 in the US have confirmed that the decrease in testosterone level is equal to castration when using the proper dose and formulation. Testosterone levels below 0.5 ng/ml were confirmed at an accredited veterinary college following hCG challenge… Read more

NYT article on nonsurgical sterilization

Where was calcium chloride? New York Times journalist Douglas Quenqua focused the article on Zeuterin, a product likely to come out in the US shortly, but also briefly covered other options including Suprelorin and GonaCon (which are not approved for dogs and cats in the US). But no mention of calcium chloride despite decades of… Read more

ACC&D conference a success!

Dr. Kuladip Jana, Dr. Raffaella Leoci, and Parsemus Foundation’s director all had successful presentations, and attendees learned the latest status of calcium chloride research– as well as what questions to ask when deciding whether CaCl might be appropriate in a given context. The presentations should be posted in the next few weeks on the symposium… Read more

Conference in June: Calcium chloride at Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs

It only happens once every 3 years: Preparations are underway for two Parsemus Foundation presentations on calcium chloride nonsurgical male dog and cat sterilization at the Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs symposium next month in Portland, Oregon. We hope to see you there! Both calcium chloride research teams, Dr. Jana from India and… Read more

Calcium chloride ingredients availability: Alcohol for injection

Although calcium chloride is not FDA-approved and thus the regulatory status of use in the U.S. is complicated, there is growing interest from organizations in countries that don’t have the money to surgically castrate dogs and don’t have an animal regulatory agency to approve or not approve drugs. In those countries, veterinarians must decide whether… Read more

Big spay/neuter funders hear about calcium chloride

Parsemus Foundation’s director shared information about calcium chloride with spay/neuter organizations last week in Las Vegas at the Council of Stakeholders meeting of the Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs. Most of the big U.S.-based organizations didn’t seem too interested. If they want an injectable for dogs, they can use Zeuterin, which is FDA-approved,… Read more