Ovary-sparing Spay

Updated list of veterinarians

Planning to spay or neuter your pet? There are many options in addition to traditional surgical sterilization practices. The decision depends on your pet and your needs. Nonsurgical options include calcium chloride dihydrate and Zeuterin. For situations when hormones are important to preserve (such as in large-breed dogs), ovary-sparing spay and vasectomy are offered by many… Read more

Two more veterinary practices that offer ovary sparing spay added

Did you know that Parsemus Foundation maintains a list of veterinarians who offer ovary-sparing spay or other alternatives to traditional spay/neuter? Two new veterinary practices were recently added: Dr. Randall of Foothills Veterinary Hospital in S. Carolina and Dr. Rastetter in Ohio. For more information, check out our Ovary-sparing spay page. There is also an… Read more

Pennsylvania veterinarian added to ovary sparing spay list

Dr. Jennifer Rouse of Homestead Vet in Havertown, PA offers alternatives to traditional spay and neuter, including ovary sparing spay and vasectomy. Our growing list of veterinarians offering ovary sparing spay procedures can hardly keep up with the demand! If you know a veterinarian who offers this service, ask them to contact us at info… Read more

NYT article on nonsurgical sterilization

Where was calcium chloride? New York Times journalist Douglas Quenqua focused the article on Zeuterin, a product likely to come out in the US shortly, but also briefly covered other options including Suprelorin and GonaCon (which are not approved for dogs and cats in the US). But no mention of calcium chloride despite decades of… Read more

Interview with Dr. Kutzler on ovary-sparing spay

You won’t want to miss this insightful interview! Dr. Karen Becker of Healthy Pets interviewed Dr. Michelle Kutzler of the Department of Animal Science at Oregon State University. Dr. Kutzler is an expert in animal reproductive physiology and has pioneered the use of ovary-sparing spay. This sterilization method removes the uterus but not the ovaries,… Read more