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Mastiff owners discover ovary-sparing spay

The World Mastiff Forum has discovered ovary-sparing spay: Online Discussion. Welcome! And please spread the word to guardians of other large and giant-breed dogs!

If you’re like us, you’ve seen lots of large and giant-breed dogs (yours and friends) go down to bone cancer ((one foundation staffer has lost two out of three giant-breed dogs to bone cancer in recent years, a Kuvasz and a Leonberger (only the Belgian Shepherd lived to old age), increasing our motivation to work on this subject area)). This is a way to have one’s cake (sterility) and eat it too (not increase the cancer risk, not to mention all the CCL tears, increased risk of obesity, etc.). But change is slow, since people are comfortable with the status quo.

We’re interested to hear what your vet thinks of the video. If your vet is open-minded about new approaches and would like to be added to the list, he or she can let us know; it’s useful to have more options around the country. With only 8 veterinarians so far, large parts of the country are unserved, and you can help change that. If you think your vet is the greatest thing since sliced bread, please tell him or her and see what he/she thinks!