COVID-19 and Fluvoxamine

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Fluvoxamine for COVID

Fluvoxamine is an existing medication that has shown great promise for treatment of COVID-19 infection. It is an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant that is commonly prescribed for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Fluvoxamine’s ability to fight inflammation and block activation of platelets likely reduce the incidence of sepsis and blood clots that are common features of severe COVID-19 infection. 

Results from a small randomized, placebo-controlled study of fluvoxamine was reported by researchers from Washington University. In 152 adult outpatients with symptomatic COVID-19, none treated with fluvoxamine had worsening symptoms but 8.3% of the control group got worse.

Additional real-world experience supported the use of fluvoxamine. In an outbreak of COVID-19 at the Golden Gates Field Racetrack, physicians offered fluvoxamine to the 113 individuals testing positive. In total, 65 persons opted for fluvoxamine, and 48 opted for observation alone. None of the patients selecting fluvoxamine were hospitalized and all recovered, while six of those not taking the medication (or 12.5%) were hospitalized, many had lingering symptoms, and one died. 

The Together Trial is a randomized, controlled clinical trial conducted in Brazil that recently reported on the use of fluvoxamine for treatment of COVID-19. Of 1497 people with high-risk of serious COVID outcomes, 11% of those who received fluvoxamine required extended emergency room visits or hospitalization compared to 16% of those who received a placebo. For individuals who took most of the fluvoxamine doses, the death rate was reduced 91%.

Some physicians may offer existing medications like fluvoxamine off-label to COVID-19 patients. The ACTIV-6 trial is evaluating fluvoxamine for COVID treatment in the United States.

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  • ACTIV-6 – NIH trial evaluating fluvoxamine, fluticasone, ivermectin.


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