Nationwide Treatment Trial for COVID-19

Am I eligible to participate?

You may be eligible if you:

  • Didn’t get COVID-19 vaccine yet, and
  • Recently tested positive for COVID-19, and
  • Are age 40 or older (or 30 or older if you’re a person of color, or have obesity, hypertension, or immune disease), and
  • You just started feeling sick in the past 6 days.

You are not eligible if you:

  • Are in the hospital already, or

  • Got an infusion of monoclonal antibodies or plasma, or

  • Got your COVID vaccine already, or

  • Can’t take the study drug, Luvox, for some reason, or

  • Are taking an Alzheimer’s med, a blood thinner, or a high dose of antidepressants, or

  • Started feeling sick more than 6 days ago.

Are you 30+ and just got COVID?

We will only use your number to call you back.

If you don’t get us in person, leave a message anytime and we will call right back, 9AM-10PM Eastern.

The Basics

In plain English: STOP COVID Trial is a randomized controlled trial (so half the people get the medication, and half get placebo) that aims to keep COVID from worsening in patients in the U.S. and Canada who just started feeling sick. YOU HAVE TO BE OVER 30 OR 40 (see above). The study is contactless, meaning you can be in it without leaving home. Medication and study supplies are brought to your door or shipped overnight by FedEx.

Why: The university researchers hope this large, careful, national study will show whether or not the medication, fluvoxamine, really helps keep people out of the hospital, like it seemed to in the earlier studies of a few hundred people. If it does– if it really keeps practically everybody out of the hospital — everything about COVID could change, for the whole world. And you could be a part of that.

What’s in it for you? 50/50 chance of getting a med that might keep you from getting as sick; 100% chance of helping humanity.

We are helping spread the word by putting up this plain-English version. Any time you want the fancier version, you can go to the university’s official site or the study’s official government listing.

How does it work?

If you meet those requirements above and decide to be in the study:
  • You’ll get a safe dose of the study med (or dummy pill) for about 15 days.
  • You’ll log how you feel twice daily.
  • You’ll fill out final surveys about 3 months after the start.

Things to know

  • The study drug makes caffeine stronger, and makes it last all day and all night. So be prepared to stop coffee if you start this study!
  • You will be compensated for the study, in addition to participating in a study that may help others in your community. There is no cost.

Want to know more?

Check out this really nice “60 Minutes” piece about this study and why it’s important:
60 Minutes: Finding a possible early treatment for COVID-19 in a 40-year-old antidepressant

Questions about eligibility?

We will only use your number to call you back.

If you don’t get us in person, leave a message anytime and we will call right back, 9am-10pm Eastern Time.

This research is supported by:

  • Washington University Department of Psychiatry
  • Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences
  • National Institutes of Health
  • COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund
  • Taylor Institute for Innovative Psychiatric Research
  • Emergent Ventures
  • Parsemus Foundation
Parsemus Foundation
The Parsemus Foundation works to create meaningful improvements in human and animal health and welfare by advancing innovative and neglected medical research.