Other contraceptive research

Men need more contraception options

Did you know that there are over 85 million unintended pregnancies worldwide each year? With only condoms and vasectomy as contraceptive options, men currently have limited choices to control their reproduction. Demand for a non-hormonal, highly effective contraceptive for men is increasing, with use expected to reduce the incidence of unplanned pregnancy.

Parsemus Foundation has supported and promoted work on the Clean Sheets pill, ultrasound, Gandarusa and other contraceptives as well as allocating most of the foundation’s effort toward the development of Vasalgel. For more information on male contraceptives, and to lend your voice to advocacy initiatives, see Male Contraception Initiative.

A promising line of contraceptive research is epididymal injection of calcium chloride, which can permanently eliminate sperm while maintaining testosterone levels. Dr. Raffaella Leoci in Italy has recently used epididymal CaCl in dogs and Dr. Kuladip Jana of India is studying the effects of this procedure in rats. See our page on hormone-sparing male sterilization for more information on epididymal injection of calcium chloride in pets.