Testimonial Category: Contraception


Responsibility and right to decide – why shouldn’t we explore new options when the methods available today match with the family planning ideals from the

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There should be an easy condom-free way for men to ensure no offspring arrive.

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Traditional contraceptive options, meaning the ones for women, aren’t suitable for me. So, I’m hoping that there would be something suitable for my partner.

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As a male, I want to take responsibility for my half of the procreation equation. Anyway condoms are awful.

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Men need more options…moreover, women need men to have more options.

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Things need to change for the male contraception industry. Being open to change is only the start. Humanity NEEDS more options.

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Men should have more options than just condoms (which are not 100% safe) and vasectomy (which is irreversible). For women, there are many options (almost

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Male contraceptives are a massively important step for the sexual safety of everyone.

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Men need more contraceptive options. Contraception shouldn’t be almost exclusively hormonal options for women.

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It’s vital to have more birth control options for men!

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