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I feel it is an incredible idea and well worth exploring. I realize it is in the early stages and there is still much to

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Men need more options…moreover, women need men to have more options.

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Men need more options for birth control, and if this one pans out, it may also reduce transmission of STIs. That’s a win-win.

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Things need to change for the male contraception industry. Being open to change is only the start. Humanity NEEDS this option

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Contraception AND HIV protection!!!!! It is silly not to pursue this as an alternative form of HIV prevention alone without any regard to the male

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Men should have more options than just condoms (which are not 100% safe) and vasectomy (which is irreversible). For women, there are many options (almost

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Being able to know that I have full protection and being in control of my own birth control. The extra protection could prevent unwanted pregnancies

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This kind of pill can be a good alternative for male birth control preserving normal sensations without playing with male/female hormones.

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