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I have had the responsibility and side effects of hormonal contraceptives for 17 years. My fiancé and I would welcome an option that would allow

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Dealing with unwanted pregnancies, overpopulation, and HIV prevention in this manner is smart for the long term and has great potential for addressing a number

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As a millennial, it would be great to have a variety of options that put me in charge of my life instead of relying on

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To think that Smith and Amobi first published this research in the early 90s, and it still hasn’t been followed up with funding is shocking.

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Many men don’t use condoms because they believe it reduces the pleasure of sex. The ability to still participate without a condom and not worry

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This is the first non-barrier method that can prevent STI transmission. This is an incredible step to take!

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Not only would this act to prevent pregnancies and deter the spread of STDs, but also remove the mess of condomless sex? Seems like a

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A male contraceptive pill would give men one more option for controlling when or if they bring a child into the world – with the

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