Passing the Vasalgel torch

L.R. Fox of NEXT Life Sciences and Elaine Lissner of the Parsemus Foundation

Two years ago, the Parsemus Foundation partnered with NEXT Life Sciences to prepare Vasalgel — the non-hormonal, long-lasting, and reversible male contraceptive — for human clinical trials. The progress since then has been impressive. Leading the way is L.R. Fox, CEO of NEXT Life Sciences, who brought on dedicated staff and world-renowned experts to put all the pieces in place to launch clinical trials. The new team is making rapid progress toward this goal.

Elaine Lissner and L.R. Fox
Elaine Lissner, Founder and Trustee of the Parsemus Foundation, met with L.R. Fox, CEO of NEXT Life Sciences, to discuss progress on the Plan A male contraceptive, which utilizes Vasalgel.

The Parsemus Foundation’s founder, Elaine Lissner, met with Fox last month in Los Angeles. It was a great time to reflect on the years of preclinical research that had been completed by Parsemus, and to discuss the work that Fox and his team are doing now to prepare for the first clinical study of Plan A (a contraceptive method that uses the Vasalgel technology). While in Los Angeles, Elaine and Fox were filmed for a documentary on the development of new male contraception.

The visit was the perfect time for Elaine to “pass the torch” to NEXT for communication with Vasalgel supporters. Updates on Vasalgel will now be sent directly from NEXT Life Sciences rather than from Parsemus. You can sign up here to be sure you don’t miss clinical trial details, which NEXT expects to announce later this year.

The Parsemus Foundation and its subsidiary, Revolution Contraceptives, completed several important preclinical studies on Vasalgel over the years. But bringing a male contraceptive to market requires much more than our small nonprofit foundation could bring to the table. The partnership between Parsemus and NEXT ensures that the Vasalgel technology will be given the best chance to succeed in giving men more choices for contraception.

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