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Parsemus Foundation works to create meaningful improvements in human and animal health and welfare by advancing innovative and neglected medical research. The foundation supports proof-of-concept studies and then seeks to raise awareness of results, to ensure that they change treatment practice rather than disappear into the scientific literature. Many of the studies the foundation supports involve low-cost approaches that are not under patent, and are thus unlikely to be pursued by pharmaceutical companies due to limited profit potential.

Parsemus Foundation’s main focus has been developing Vasalgel as a non-hormonal male contraceptive. For information on Vasalgel, including publications, past press coverage, and media resources, please see the Revolution Contraceptives website.

The foundation also works on pet contraception, including calcium chloride nonsurgical neuter and hormone-sparing sterilization options; noninvasive treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate); and serves as a resource for information on over-used medical procedures, innovative breast cancer treatment, aldosterone and hearing, and the effect of testosterone and DHA on Alzheimer’s disease.

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