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Unraveling the link between diabetes and COVID-19

One of the risk factors for severe illness from COVID-19 is diabetes. While scientists aren’t sure why diabetes leads to poorer outcomes for COVID-19 patients, early studies indicate that controlling blood sugar may be an important component of treatment. Researchers from across the globe have been reporting that patients who have blood glucose monitoring and control — through insulin infusion and medication (metformin) — have had better outcomes than patients who had uncontrolled hyperglycemia.

From Zhu et al., 2020.

To better understand the link between blood glucose and COVID-19, a randomized, controlled clinical study is needed. The University of Minnesota is planning such a clinical trial of the impact of metformin on both prevention and treatment of COVID-19. The Parsemus Foundation has provided seed funding for the project, but additional funders are needed to move this critical study forward. Contact us for more information, and see details on our COVID page.