Free English lessons for Pashto speakers


Answers to your frequently asked questions about this free service!

It’s a free language lesson for Pashto (Pashtu) speakers learning English.

It’s primarily for Pashto speakers who have moved to the United States or other English-speaking countries, but it could also be used by people learning Pashto. But if you’re trying to learn Pashto, you can find better courses on Amazon or at the library.

It is one of the main languages spoken in Afghanistan. The other main languages are Dari, Uzbeki, and Hazaragi. Many Dari speakers know some Pashto and vice versa – so if you know a Dari speaker, it may be helpful to him or her too.

The translations were first done by Pashto speaker Zora Tokhi, a UC Berkeley student. Zora learned Pashto from her parents, first-gen native speaker immigrants. Final translations were done by professional translator Malalai Moska Wardak.

Because we saw a need and set about to fill it. Usually new immigrants are exactly the ones who don’t have extra money. This resource was created by volunteers and is hosted by a nonprofit organization.

Yes, freelance professional translator Malalai Moska Wardak is available on UpWork and was a pleasure to work with on this recording! 

Yes, please send us a message through our Contact Us page. We’d be glad to hear about any errors or things you think we should clarify. And if you have translation skills and would like to record additional lessons to post, please contact us!

Yes, please do! Please share it with any Afghani immigrants or refugees you know, and immigrant services organizations such as your local International Rescue Committee. We want this to help as many people as possible!

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