Free English lessons for Pashto speakers

Learn basic English — or help someone learn!

These free lessons grew out of an English tutor’s frustration at only being able to help one immigrant family at a time, when basic English skills could help so many — particularly the suddenly-isolated wives and family members of English-speaking visa recipients. This is the result — please share it! 

A Resource For Afghan Immigrants

Simple but effective

It's just Pashto words and phrases and English translations -- no complicated conversations or scenes, no grammar lessons. So you can use it while you're doing something else.

Download the sound files onto your device

At the beginning, English is all about memorization. And memorization requires repetition... Take these lessons with you on your phone, and you can listen to them whenever you have a free moment. Check out the lessons here.

Totally free

This project was started by a volunteer wanting to help new immigrants. There’s no catch, no ads, and you do not need to include personal information. So spread the word to all the Afghan immigrants you know!

Man wearing headphones and learning about Free English Lessons for Pashto Speakers

Free Language Course

English language course for Pashto speakers

Listen Anytime

On the bus, driving, doing the dishes... no book needed.

Share With Friends

Tell all the Pashto speakers you know so they can use it too.

Who We Are

This website was originally created by a volunteer English tutor wanting to leverage her effort and help many families at one time. After becoming the #1 result on Google, it is now hosted by nonprofit Parsemus Foundation.

Before we found professional translation, we did a version in regional Kandahari Pashto thanks to a second-generation speaker at the University of California, Berkeley. We’re posting it here for reference because some Kandahari Pashto speakers may prefer it! It contains some minor errors and regional words; please refer to the professionally translated Central/Standard Pashto version when in doubt.

Concept, lesson design, and American English voice:

Elaine L., volunteer tutor for Refugee & Immigrant Transitions, Oakland, CA

Central/Standard Pashto translation and voice:

Malalai Moska Wardak, translator, available on

Regional Kandahari Pashto translation and voice:

Zora T., University of California, Berkeley

Sound editing:

Pavel Kirpikau, Vilnius, Lithuania, available on

Elaine and students at the California Academy of Sciences
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