Free English lessons for Pashto speakers
د پښتنو لپاره د انګرېزۍ وړیا درسونه

The Lessons - درسونه

Listen online or download for later
په انلاین توګه یی واورئ یا یې وروسته ډونلوډ کړئ

The lessons below are free. Each lesson is one mp3 sound file. You can listen online, or download the file to your device and listen later anytime. Also, there is a PDF with the words written in English and phonetic Pashto.

لاندې درسونه وړیا دي. هر درس په یوه mp3 غږیز فایل کې رانغاړل شوی دی. تاسو کولی شئ ورته انلاین غوږ شئ او یا یې هم په خپله وسیله کې ډونلوډ کړئ او هر کله مو چې غوښتل، ورته غوږ شئ. همداراز، د انګرېزۍ او پښتو لیکل شوې کلمو لپاره یو PDF فایل هم موجود دی.

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English for Pashto speakers – د پښتنو لپاره انګرېزي

Download Lesson 1

Download Lesson 2

Download Lesson 3

Download Lesson 4

Download Lesson 5

Download Lesson 6

Download Lesson 7

Download Lesson 8

Download Lesson 9

Additional Resources

Learn English In Pashto video series

The UL English is a YouTube channel with hundreds of lessons.

Pashto English Translation is a YouTube channel with dozens of lessons and a companion Facebook page.

Buddy Box Language Flashcards from Mark Hill

Armed Forces Veteran Mark Hill has very kindly shared the ESL flashcards that he made for Syrian children attending his local school. Download the flashcards:

Voice of America in Pashto

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Pakhtoon American Community Association


Khyber Society

Website, Facebook, Twitter

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