Peer-reviewed publication of rabbit study results

Vasalgel efficacy graph

If you’ve been following Vasalgel for some time, you already know that this new, long-acting contraceptive worked well in rabbits. But now it’s official! The results of the rabbit efficacy study were published this morning in Basic & Clinical Andrology, a peer-reviewed journal. The study revealed that rabbits had no sperm in their semen as early as 29 days post-injection and the contraceptive effect was durable throughout the 12-month study.

Parsemus Foundation policy is to only publish in open-access journals so the results are available to all, so you can read the paper for free here.

Next: Another publication, and full speed ahead

Reversal was also successful in rabbits, and that paper is next (it’s being prepared for publication). Meanwhile, despite the challenges with reversal in larger animals, we’re moving full speed ahead towards first clinical trial (initially as a vasectomy alternative while reversal issues are being sorted out).

support-ideasParsemus Foundation has created a social venture, Revolution Contraceptives LLC, to lead Vasalgel through the expensive development process, and is seeking socially-minded investors and partners committed to affordable access.

Read more in the press release.