Medical procedures continue to be used despite ineffectiveness

Linda Brent, PhD

Executive Director, Parsemus Foundation

Stents for coronary artery disease, Atenolol for blood pressure, surgery for a torn meniscus and many other procedures are likely over-used, explains David Epstein reporting for The Atlantic. Despite evidence that may contradict the effectiveness of common medical procedures, many are still being prescribed by physicians. This in-depth investigative article is a must-read! The author peels back the complicated reasons that new medical therapies are often quickly adopted, but if they are later proven to be ineffective – or worse, to cause more harm than good – why doctors are slow to reduce their use.

Parsemus Foundation has a history of supporting evidence-based medicine, and called out the overuse of stents and angioplasty years ago. Educate yourself before agreeing to any significant medical procedure. And send a copy of The Atlantic article to friends and family.

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