Being transparent about… less transparency

Usually, the development of a medical device happens out of the public eye, but in our case, we have shared information with the public and have gathered a large and wonderful group of Vasalgel followers. Their support enables the Vasalgel team to demonstrate that men are ready and willing to use a new male contraceptive.

We know some Vasalgel fans are frustrated at the pace of medical device product development. We understand; indeed our wish to expand men’s contraceptive options initially inspired us to optimism about the timetable. But as our team has grown, so has our understanding of the requirements of the process and the best way forward.

As in the past, we’ll continue to share appropriate details of our progress in making a safe, affordable, and reversible form of male contraception. However, because we’re working in a highly competitive and regulated environment, we’ll be less specific about our product development plans and timelines.

We believe these changes in our communication style are the wisest strategy and will give us the best opportunity for success. As always, we’re thankful to Vasalgel fans for their continued support and interest.

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