Promoting more humane animal research

As part of Parsemus Foundation’s commitment to animal welfare, we’re proud to be a new sponsor of the Janet Wood Innovation Award, which supports the “Three Rs” of animal testing: the REPLACEMENT of animals in testing, the REDUCTION in animal use in testing, and the REFINEMENT of animal testing methods to minimize or avoid animal pain and suffering. The competition was created by Datesand Limited, a UK-based biomedical and horticultural supplier, to honor their co-founder Janet Wood.

The deadline for entries for the 2018 award is February 1. Individuals who work with laboratory animals are invited to submit ideas for products that promote the Three R’s; the winning product will be created and marketed internationally.

Parsemus Foundation will provide a cash prize to any finalists in the JWI Award competition who publish research on their product in open-access journals, to ensure that the information reaches a wide audience and has the best chance of making improvements for laboratory animals around the world.

Please share this information with anyone you know who works with laboratory animals. 

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