Androgens hold promise for breast cancer treatment

Testosterone molecule

Androgens, such as testosterone, are commonly considered male hormones but they are also present in lower levels in women. Researchers from the University of Adelaide reported in Nature Medicine that androgens can play a critical role in estrogen positive (ER+) breast cancer treatment, especially when anti-estrogen therapies (like Tamoxifen) stop working. The researchers reported experimental evidence that increasing androgen activity with natural androgen or a new androgenic drug had potent anti-tumor activity in all ER+ breast cancers, even those resistant to current standard-of-care treatments. The new selective androgen receptor activators don’t cause masculinizing side effects like natural androgens, and can improve bone, muscle, and mental health.

A clinical trial of the efficacy of one of the androgen receptor activating agents called Enobosarm on breast cancer will begin later in 2021. See the press release here.

The Parsemus Foundation has long been a proponent of more research on the benefit of natural hormones as an alternative to aromatase inhibitors, which cause significant side effects. Read details of the study we supported on the use of bioidentical hormones on health and breast cancer.

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