Blueberries may help prevent dementia


A healthy lifestyle contributes to healthy aging and avoiding common diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s, and that includes our dietary choices. Some foods contain nutrients that are especially helpful in reducing the risks of dementia, and blueberries are one of those “super foods.”

A study recently published in Nutrients by scientists at the University of Cincinnati reported that consuming blueberries over a 12-week period was related to improved memory function. Additionally, participants had lower fasting insulin levels (enabling them to more easily burn fat for energy) and mitochondrial uncoupling (a process associated with greater longevity and reduced oxidative stress). The study included individuals aged 50-65 at risk for late-life dementia because they were overweight, prediabetic, and had noticed mild memory decline with aging.

The study results provide evidence that diet can influence disease prevention. The researchers caution that this initial study was small (with 33 participants) and that further studies are needed to more fully explore the relationship between blueberries and healthy aging. In the meantime, why not have some blueberries? They just might help keep your memory sharp!

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