Plan A™ male contraceptive to use Vasalgel technology

Plan A male contraceptive launched using Vasalgel technology

NEXT Life Sciences, Inc. announced on March 22, 2023 its plans for the Plan A™ male contraceptive. Vasalgel, the polymer hydrogel developed by the Parsemus Foundation and Revolution Contraceptives LLC, is the technology used in Plan A. NEXT partnered with the Parsemus Foundation in 2022 to continue the development of Vasalgel. The NEXT scientists are developing Plan A to be a safe, effective, fully reversible birth control solution for men, and anticipate that the product will be available as early as 2026.

“NEXT is responding to the growing demand for male contraceptive options by developing Plan A, a groundbreaking new product designed to give men birth control that is long-lasting, non-hormonal, and reversible on-demand,” said NEXT CEO L.R. Fox. “Our mission is to ensure that everyone can make the intentional choice of if and when to have a child. The name Plan A captures our belief that Plan A will become men’s first choice in family planning.”

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