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The Parsemus Foundation works to create meaningful improvements in human and animal health and welfare by advancing innovative and neglected medical research. The foundation supports proof-of-concept studies and then seeks to raise awareness of results, to ensure that they change treatment practice rather than disappear into the scientific literature. Many of the studies the foundation supports involve low-cost approaches that are not under patent, and are thus unlikely to be pursued by pharmaceutical companies due to limited profit potential.

The Parsemus Foundation’s main focus has been developing Vasalgel as a non-hormonal male contraceptive.  The foundation has partnered with NEXT Life Sciences to complete development of the product and bring it to market. For information on Vasalgel, please contact NEXT Life Sciences.

For information on the development of non-hormonal male contraceptives, visit the Male Contraceptive Initiative.

The foundation also works on pet contraception, including hormone-sparing sterilization options and hormone restoration; noninvasive treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate); prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease; and iron deficiency.

The Parsemus Foundation supported clinical studies on the effectiveness of existing medications to treat COVID infection, including enrollment support for the University of Minnesota’s COVID-Out trial. 

The foundation has also supported the development of the nonprofit Menopause Hormone Project to ensure that evidence-based information about menopause hormone therapy is available to women and physicians. 

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Latest News

COVID-OUT Clinical Trial Results on Long COVID Announced!

The key findings: The widely available diabetes drug metformin reduced  severe outcomes of COVID-19 by 42% and reduced the incidence of Long COVID by 41% if taken shortly after symptoms of COVID-19. Metformin also reduced the amount of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Background: The COVID-OUT clinical trial was aimed at understanding if safe, commonly available medications may treat COVID-19 symptoms and those of long COVID. The study examined the medications metformin, ivermectin, and fluvoxamine, which are known to decrease inflammatory proteins (cytokines) in the body. This rigorous randomized, controlled clinical trial was conducted by the University of Minnesota under the direction of Dr. Carolyn Bramante. 

Funders: The Parsemus Foundation provided pilot funding and enrollment support to the University of Minnesota. Additional major funders include the University of Minnesota Clinical Translational Science Institute, the Rainwater Foundation, FastGrants, and UnitedHealth Group Research and Development.

Additional Information:

Initial results of COVID-OUT trial, August 18, 2022

Image Files, Videos, and Printable Materials

Parsemus Foundation Logo

Parsemus Foundation logo

Vector-based logo in full color

Vector-based logo in silhouette

Executive And Associate Headshots

Elaine Lissner, Founder and Trustee, Parsemus Foundation and Revolution Contraceptives, LLC

Linda Brent, PhD, MBA, Executive Director, Parsemus Foundation

Program: COVID-19 and Vaccines

Elaine Lissner COVID-Out video image

Video and Audio Files, and Transcripts

Elaine Lissner, Trustee
Parsemus Foundation

Metformin Long-Covid Infographic thumbnail

Metformin for Covid19

Infographic by Parsemus Foundation, showing that Metformin reduced Long Covid by 41%

Metformin for COVID19

One-page handout by the Parsemus Foundation on the use of metformin to treat COVID-19

Infographic on How Vaccines Work.

How Vaccines Work

Infographic by Parsemus Foundation, showing how vaccines work

Trained Innate Immunity

Infographic by Parsemus Foundation, showing how vaccines can offer protection beyond the target diseases

Program: Therapy for Menopause

Hormone Therapy Facts

Infographic by Parsemus Foundation, showing the benefits and concerns of hormone therapy for menopause

Program: Contraception in Humans

Vasalgel Logo

Vasalgel wordmark, Vasalgel tagline, and Revolution Contraceptives logo (Printable artwork)

Current Options in Male Contraception

Infographic by Revolution Contraceptives, data from United Nations World Contraceptive Patterns 2015

Existing Methods by MCI

Male Contraceptive Myth Busting

Infographic by Male Contraceptive Initiative

Male Contraceptive Research Locations

Infographic by Male Contraceptive Initiative

Contraceptive Use by Method

2019 Report by United Nations Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs

Program: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) in Humans

BPH animated infographic

BPH symptoms and prostate size

Animated infographic comparing growing prostate size to real-world objects, based on age range.

Program: Sterilization in Animals

Infographic about the health risks to dogs of traditional spay and neuter

The Risks of Spay & Neuter

Infographic about the health risks to dogs of gonadectomy

Golden retriever among yellow flowers

Overview of Hormone-Sparing Sterilization

Printable handout by Parsemus Foundation

Michelle Kutzler video

Alternatives in Sterilization and Contraception in Dogs

Video presentation by Dr. Michelle Kutzler, 2021

Photo of dog from the study on Hormone Restoration in Dogs

Calcium Chloride Nonsurgical Neuter: Bibliography

Reference resource by Parsemus Foundation

Hormone-sparing Spay Advertising

Printable ad (with crop marks) by Parsemus Foundation

Hormone-sparing Sterilization Advertising

Printable ad (with crop marks) by Parsemus Foundation

Program: Enlarged Prostate in Dogs

Video about PEMF for BPH in Dogs

PEMF for BPH in Dogs

Animated explainer video by Parsemus Foundation

Program: Animal Welfare

Zebrafish in lush green aquarium

Aqualabyrinth - A New Enrichment for Laboratory Zebrafish

White Paper by Dorothée Therrien and Aurore Dodelet-Devillers

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