Project Category: Human Health

COVID-19 virus


Simple, inexpensive therapies using existing medicines – like measles vaccine and metformin – are being studied to prevent or treat COVID-19 infection.

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Hand holding a lab sample in front of a tray of vials

Evidence-Based Medicine

Some doctors still prescribe unnecessary medical procedures and medications. These resources can help you make informed medical decisions.

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Woman holding pink ribbon to her chest

Breast Cancer Prevention

Intraductal methods can provide less invasive options for treatment of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), the most common noninvasive lesion of the breast.

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Doctor examines man's ear

Aldosterone & Hearing

Aldosterone may better address the underlying cause of hearing loss and vestibular disease without the side effects of glucocorticoids.

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Hand holding a vial of Vasalgel


A long-acting, reversible, nonhormonal male contraceptive that is being developed as a social venture project of the Parsemus Foundation.

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We’re sorry, you are not eligible for the nationwide COVID-OUT or ACTIV-6 studies, but you may be eligible for other federal trials:

And if you don’t find a match there, this slightly more complex clinical trials finder includes studies sponsored by companies as well:

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