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Hormones for Menopause as shown by a doctor looking at a uterus

Hormones for Menopause

Menopause hormone therapy is an underutilized and misunderstood treatment for menopause symptoms. Learn the facts for informed decisions.

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Fluvoxamine and COVID-19 virus


Simple, inexpensive therapies using existing medicines – like measles vaccine and metformin – are being studied to prevent or treat COVID-19 infection.

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Doctor checking tube with blood analysis and making notes

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency and anemia are common and can result in significant negative health impacts. Intravenous iron offers a rapid treatment option.

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We’re sorry, you are not eligible for the nationwide COVID-OUT or ACTIV-6 studies, but you may be eligible for other federal trials:

And if you don’t find a match there, this slightly more complex clinical trials finder includes studies sponsored by companies as well:

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