Vasalgel, a multi-year contraceptive

VasalgelTM is being developed as a long-acting, non-hormonal contraceptive with a significant advantage over vasectomy: it is likely to be more reversible. The procedure is similar to a no-scalpel vasectomy, except a gel is injected into the vas deferens (the tube the sperm swim through), rather than cutting the vas (as is done in vasectomy). If a man wishes to restore flow of sperm, whether after months or years, the polymer would be dissolved and flushed out.

Vasalgel implant diagram

Vasalgel implant diagram

In early 2010, Parsemus Foundation began developing Vasalgel as a new vas-occlusive polymer contraceptive. Revolution Contraceptives was created  to bring the product to market. This social venture company’s mission is to empower men worldwide to better control their reproduction with a reliable, safe, cost-effective, and reversible contraceptive.

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