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I am so thankful for this site. I have referred people to you for years. … I’ve told people about the option of hormone-sparing surgeries

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Case et al.

Laparoscopic ovariectomy in cats is safe, can be performed in a comparable amount of time as traditional ovariohysterectomy, and may result in less postoperative discomfort.

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With there not being many studies about the benefits of ovariohysterectomy, most evidence extracted from the literature leads us to the misguided conclusion that there

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Torres de la Riva, et al.

The societal practice in the U.S. of dog neutering contrasts with the general attitudes in many European countries, where neutering is commonly avoided and not

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Zwida & Kutzler

Based upon the review of the literature, it becomes clear that canine gonads are not merely reproductive organs but critical to endocrine, musculoskeletal, behavior, and

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Elaine Lissner

Thought leaders are beginning to accept that spay and neuter have both positive and negative health consequences that vary by age, gender and breed.

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