Clinical trials inching closer

A LOT of men (and their partners) are waiting eagerly for news of the clinical trials of Vasalgel. It’s getting closer! Over the next six months we’ll be focused on extensive (and exceedingly expensive) prep behind the scenes: manufacturing the final batch of Vasalgel for use in the clinical trials, starting stability studies the moment it’s made (to document the gel’s shelf life), and getting regulators’ go-ahead on the trial and its design.

When further clinical trial details (such as location and date) are available, Vasalgel Update newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans will be the first to hear.

Vasalgel supporters are excited to use Vasalgel, and many wonder why it’s not available to the public yet. The development of Vasalgel has indeed been a long road; we’re learning more about Vasalgel as we go, and this development takes time.

But now that Vasalgel has passed the “proof of concept” phase, it’s time to kick it up a notch — without selling out or losing the social mission of affordability and wide availability. We’re starting an all-out push to hire top medical device people and bring in social investors interested in both moving things forward quickly, and in keeping the end result affordable.

How to help? Please spread the word to any social-minded investors you may know! (More about social investing soon.) You can also support Vasalgel in the meantime. Thanks to all our donors who are keeping the Vasalgel project moving forward!

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