Donate to dogs in need: Our favorite dog rescue

Looking to support a reputable animal rescue organization? Amici Cannis is one of the Parsemus Foundation’s favorite animal welfare nonprofits! We love supporting them knowing our money goes so far in Ecuador and helps even more animals than it could here, and we think you will too. When you donate to dogs in need, you directly contribute to this impactful work.

U.S. veterinarians Heather and Philip Steyn were so moved and distressed by seeing the animals in need when visiting the mountain town Cotacachi, Ecuador that they founded Amici Cannis to help. After years of putting their blood, sweat, and tears into this project, they now also have local staff to make it sustainable. By supporting one of the best animal charities, you help continue this essential work.

They started with a focus on spay and neuter, since that addresses the root of the street dog welfare problem, but have gone far beyond that now, and achieved remarkable results. Amici Cannis has developed programs to support the care of pets in the region, support local communities, and operate sustainably. And we also like that our money goes so far in Ecuador. Choosing to donate to dogs in need ensures these programs continue to thrive.

Amici Cannis’ holistic mission is to protect and improve the lives of animals in Cotacachi and surrounding indigenous villages, in Ecuador. Their team provides high-quality veterinary services to stray dogs and cats, companion animals with owners, and those who cannot afford treatment. They combat abandonment and overpopulation, provide sterilization and emergency veterinary care, and teach children to respect and care for animals. Our colleagues who have gone to visit can see the results in happier, healthier dogs and a stronger bond between people and pets. Supporting one of the best animal charities helps create these positive changes.

Now Amici Cannis would like to build a permanent veterinary hospital, instead of renting, and extend their services to neighboring villages. Once they do this, they can host more veterinary students from the U.S., making their program financially sustainable. When you donate to dogs in need, you support these future expansions.

If you’re looking to make an outsize difference for animals and choose to join us in supporting Amici Cannis, we know you’ll be proud to be part of what they accomplish. Your contributions to one of the best animal charities will leave a lasting impact.

Learn more about Amici Cannis:

Amici Cannis is operated solely on philanthropic gifts. Your donation will make an outsized difference to animals in need in Ecuador. Please donate to dogs in need today and help us continue this critical work.

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