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All companion animals deserve humane medical care

The veterinary field has a wealth of new medical knowledge, treatments, and procedures, which reflects the growing importance of pets in our lives. The Parsemus Foundation believes in individualized care focused on lifelong health. By supporting underutilized, low-cost, and innovative methods of sterilization and medical treatment, we work to improve the quality of life for all companion animals. By providing pet owners and veterinarians with education and resources, we can empower you to advocate for the best veterinary care.

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About the Parsemus Foundation

The Parsemus Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization working to create meaningful improvements in human and animal health and welfare by advancing innovative and neglected medical research. Our focus in pet health involves funding and publishing research in both controlled and field settings, promoting awareness of the results, and serving as an educational resource for veterinarians and the public. Many of the studies we support involve low-cost, non-surgical, or noninvasive approaches that are not under patent. The Parsemus Foundation envisions a future in which pet care involves humane procedures and treatments that support the lifelong well-being of the individual.

Pet Health Projects

Street dog with ear tag

Marking Street Dogs

Parsemus Foundation supports research on ways to sterilize dogs and cats without surgery and anesthesia. But the current methods of marking sterilized animals all require anesthesia.

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