Calcium chloride

Time to consider alternatives to surgical spay and neuter

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted healthcare around the world — including veterinary care for pets. To reduce transmission and comply with shelter-in-place orders, many veterinary clinics are only open for emergencies. The American Veterinary Medical Association has asked veterinarians to defer elective procedures to preserve vital medical supplies for human use. Some veterinarians consider pet… Read more

Calcium chloride chemical sterilant in testicle vs. epididymis

Calcium chloride (CaCl) has been used as a nonsurgical alternative to castrating male dogs and cats. Dr. Raffaella Leoci of the University of Bari in Italy is the lead author of the studies elucidating the optimal formulation for using CaCl in alcohol to sterilize dogs through testicular injection. Her research team has conducted a controlled… Read more

Alternatives to traditional spay/neuter

Pet owners are hearing more and more about the potential for negative health impacts of traditional spay and neuter. Since most pet sterilization surgeries remove the reproductive organs responsible for the production of sex hormones, a number of ailments may occur due to this hormonal imbalance. But a growing number of veterinarians offer alternatives. Parsemus… Read more

Updated list of veterinarians

Planning to spay or neuter your pet? There are many options in addition to traditional surgical sterilization practices. The decision depends on your pet and your needs. Nonsurgical options include calcium chloride dihydrate and Zeuterin. For situations when hormones are important to preserve (such as in large-breed dogs), ovary-sparing spay and vasectomy are offered by many… Read more

Calchlorin gets a media boost

In a creative twist on the recent news about water and chemical compounds found on Mars, Animals 24-7 urges more widespread coverage of Calchlorin, calcium chloride in alcohol, as a nonsurgical dog sterilant. The announcement by NASA about the new discoveries on the red planet made international headlines. It is likely that calcium chloride exists on… Read more

Awards announced for second round Timmy Prize

The word about Calchlorin nonsurgical pet neuter has begun to spread and more people are using it. To encourage transparency and sharing of information, the “Timmy Prize” was launched by Parsemus Foundation recognizing groups that share their experience using Calchlorin (calcium chloride dihydrate in alcohol). The second round winners include Amici Cannis, who used Calchlorin… Read more

Calchlorin, nonsurgical dog sterilization

Two long-term research studies pinpoint optimal sterilant for inexpensive, safe and effective nonsurgical neuter in dogs. The results have the potential for significant impact on methods to control pet overpopulation worldwide. The scientific studies were conducted by Dr. Raffaella Leoci, supported by Parsemus Foundation and published as open access articles in Acta Scandinavica Veterinaria. The authors… Read more

Now cats, too: First U.S. data shows nonsurgical dog neuter shot also effective in cats

Press release April 29, 2015 U.S. Northwest rescue organization presents first U.S. results in cats to win “Timmy Prize” for data collection on calcium chloride nonsurgical neuter shot. The low-cost, universally-available injection has the potential for significant impact on pet overpopulation and euthanasia rates worldwide. Old habits die hard. If veterinarians could sterilize male cats… Read more